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ok the ebay listing for the HUGE prototype wing piece i made is live!
I MUST stress that this is an experimental piece, it is NOT perfect! Please read the description carefully before bidding.

And of course pleaaaaase do not bid if you cannot pay. I will not break up the cost into installments and i can’t wait a few weeks to be paid. Please remember this is my job so these auctions are my paycheck. We all like to get our paychecks on time! :)

This is a handmade wing shawl/wrap PROTOTYPE that i created to explore the patterns and techniques that would be ideal for my wraps. It is very much a rough + experimental piece! It is vital that the bidder understand that this is a prototype and has imperfections. It can still serve as a wearable piece but is heavier and more stiff than i wanted..also HUGE! So please do not expect perfection. I’m just selling this to cover the cost of this experimentation ( materials cost so much) and because i honestly dont know what im going to do with it. I think it could make someone else very happy.

It is made from dyed and hand painted felt layers. It measures 111” across. Do not machine wash or dry clean, spot clean by hand with cold water. Dye is heat set so it will last but do treat it with a little care.

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Aerial Basil Alaya


This guy just came back from a gallery show! I can ship him before Christmas if he’s bought this week: http://missmonster.myshopify.com/

This is Minglesnout the demon! He’s a demon of jealousy so he loves to gossip and snark. He can be fun to be around but don’t fall into his trap of making you always see the bad in people, instead use his badness to remind yourself not to be like that. Minglesnout can be an affectionate friend once he respects you. The best way to earn his respect is through his stomach… stinky fish heads and Laban gummy candies are the best for him!

This is a one of a kind, handmade doll. His face, horns and claws/hooves are cast in urethane and hand painted. The body is soft faux fur with no articulation.

 He also has crazy bendy spines growing from his back!

Minglesnout’s necklace is made from bison teeth, glass opalite, African amber chunks, and a leather tentacle.


15” tall sitting including his horns. He is BIG and quite heavy! He will come with an etched wood tag that is signed and dated.



This is not intended for children! While it’s okay to cuddle and hold him, please treat this artwork gently.


I do not do commissions.


Chicago World’s Fair Posters

I needed to post this because someone got me thinking about the Chicago World’s Fair by recommending me a book that takes place in this historical architectural event: The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America by Erik Larson.

But, I was thinking about the wrong Fair! Devil in the White City is actually about the 1893 Chicago Fair! (Also known as the Columbian Exposition) So the posters are very different. (Thanks pawneeshorty )